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ARPA-E Under Trump – IEEE Spectrum


Since the surprise victory of Donald J. Trump on 8 November, the future of United States’ leadership in the emerging clean energy industry has been a subject of speculation. As a climate change doubter and outspoken advocate of the coal and oil industries, the president-elect’s energy policies will undoubtedly represent a bold departure from those of the Obama administration—the most clean-energy-friendly presidency in history. But just what the new president-elect’s energy policies may be and how and when they come into force remains unclear today.

One of the Obama administration’s chief instruments for supporting advances in clean energy has been the Department of Energy’s tech incubator, the Advanced Projects Research Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). As a recent overview report notes, since 2009 ARPA-E has provided $1.3 billion in funding to more than 475 projects in next-generation batteries, grid operations, power electronics, and clean energy. These projects have to date resulted in 36 new companies, and $1.25 billion in publicly-reported, follow-on funding from the private sector. Yet the mandate and perhaps even continued existence of ARPA-E under President Trump is still an open question.