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49ers’ John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan meet with Colin Kaepernick – San Francisco 49ers Blog


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — On the day he was officially announced as the San Francisco 49ers new general manager, John Lynch said he planned to meet with quarterback Colin Kaepernick to discuss his future with the team.

That meeting has apparently taken place. Lynch, speaking to KNBR radio in San Francisco, confirmed that he and coach Kyle Shanahan met with Kaepernick on Wednesday afternoon. Lynch declined to offer specifics of the discussion out of respect for Kaepernick.

“I would characterize [it] as just a really positive discussion,” Lynch said. “I think from the start Kyle and I have committed, I was a player once and you just want to be honest, you want people to be honest with you.

“And so we committed to doing that. We also committed to what we talked about remaining between us. And so I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth because I say, ‘Hey, we’re going to be transparent.’ But I definitely do think that there’s some things that are sacred.”

The meeting comes a little more than a week from when Kaepernick will have the ability to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. It’s expected that Kaepernick will take that opportunity explore his options but he could still theoretically return if Lynch and Shanahan view that as the best option.

Lynch told Bay Area media at his introductory news conference that he and Kaepernick had developed a strong rapport when Lynch was working as a color analyst on FOX.

Kaepernick reached out to Lynch soon after his hire to set up Wednesday’s conversation. In the time since, Lynch and Shanahan have been spending plenty of time evaluating potential quarterback options.

“We had a great discussion,” Lynch said. “And Colin left excited, we left excited and I think as Kyle and I really believe, the evaluation is still very much fluid.”

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