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Darrelle Revis’ arrest, one week later: Many questions, no answers, one video – New York Jets Blog


One week has passed since Darrelle Revis was arraigned on four felony charges stemming from a Pittsburgh street altercation in the wee hours of Feb. 12. A quick look at where things stand with his case and the New York Jets:

Clock is ticking: The Jets have to make a decision on Revis by March 10, when a $2 million roster bonus is due. They’re expected to release him unless he reworks his contract. Actually, they could dump him anyway, pay cut or no pay cut. They’d be justified to do so, based simply on his declining skills and cap charge ($15.3 million). His legal issues won’t be resolved by then; the first pretrial hearing — scheduled for Thursday — was postponed until March 15. It could take several months before the case is adjudicated. You can bet the Jets’ security people are performing their own investigation into the matter.

Sounds of silence: The Jets have yet to comment on the situation, except for a cursory statement in which the team acknowledged it was aware of the incident and had spoken to Revis. Coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan are scheduled to meet the media on Wednesday at the scouting combine in Indianapolis. They will be peppered with questions, although it’s doubtful they will provide any substantive answers. The last word on Revis came from Maccagnan, who spoke to reporters on Jan. 5. At the time, he was noncommittal about the cornerback’s future and offered only a lukewarm evaluation of Revis’ season.

Where’s Darrelle? According to court papers submitted Thursday and obtained by ESPN, Revis is currently in the Pittsburgh area, where he has two children and other family. His attorney, Robert Del Greco, filed a petition for a bond modification, requesting that Revis be permitted to retain his passport. At the arraignment, he was ordered to surrender his passport within 72 hours. The motion was granted because he’s scheduled to host a charity event March 23-28 in Turks and Caicos, the petition said. From there, he will return to his permanent home in Hollywood, Florida, where he “will continue to prepare for the upcoming NFL season.”

The case: Revis is winning in the court of public opinion, as media types — including ESPN legal analyst Adrienne Lawrence — have raised questions about the charges. Revis is charged with aggravated assault, a first-degree felony, but no one at the scene said they saw him throw any punches, according to the police report. The two alleged victims, Dallas Cousins, 22, and Zacheriah Jarvis, 21, said they don’t remember how they were knocked unconscious. A witness, Nathan Watt, said it happened so fast that he couldn’t say whether Revis threw any punches. If there is video of the actual altercation, it has yet to surface. TMZ posted a video of the postfight scene, with an unidentified man (not seen on camera) bragging that he knocked out Cousins and Jarvis. Del Greco said Revis isn’t the man heard on the video, which he believes will exonerate his client. Pittsburgh police confirmed the video was taken at the scene of the altercation but declined further comment.

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