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Le Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword


I completely agree with you but it doesn’t take away their right not to set their own policies as Sovereign States? What to do about it? Disagree in whatever ways are possible, including here. And never spend you money to reinforce their systems by ever travelling there or in any other way supporting their regimens? But the issue here is tyranny. And why should the US have the right to decide the policies of all other Sovereign States? Hasn’t that already created enough problems as well as $20 TRILLION national bedt, with almost $7 TRILLION “lost” at the Pentagon?

So many of you Guys have such small minds and I’m guessing that you have never lived anywhere other than your own country. WHich is, in itself, a form of bigotry, unintended and not intellectualised, but bigotry nonetheless.

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