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The Tell-tale Heart: Researchers 3D Print Organ-on-a-Chip


Researchers have used a 3D printer and six novel bioinks to build a “heart-on-a-chip” that can serve as a living organ for drug testing. The device, developed by a team of bioengineers out of Harvard’s Wyss Institute, was described this week in Nature Materials.

The Wyss team’s heart is the first organ-on-a-chip to be built with a 3D printer. The system can be programmed to print different types of organ-chips, and allows for automated production. “The whole field has been building one-offs [of organ-chips] that aren’t amenable to mass manufacturing,” says Kit Parker, a bioengineer at Wyss and an author of the paper. “We solved that.”

That may be enticing to pharmaceutical companies and academic labs that want to speed up the drug screening process. With mass produced organ-chips, those groups can test how living tissue might respond to a new drug without using animals or humans as test subjects.