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Super Bowl 2014 Security Secrets Revealed: God Bless the TSA! (Parody)


Truthstream created this parody song/video to commemorate NFL Super Bowl XLVIII as proud ‘Muricans.

Vocals: Aaron Dykes
Lyrics: Melissa Melton
Some graphics: Dees Illustrations (Thanks to David for use of his works: http://www.deesillustration.com).

Inspirational Mainstream Media Headlines:

Super Bowl is big game for security agencies, too
TSA to screen bags on Super Bowl trains
Super Bowl Snipers
Black Hawk Helicopters, Armed Agents Prepared For Super Bowl
Military jets drilled over NYC at night for Super Bowl
Super Bowl 2014: TSA adds bomb-sniffing dogs in New Jersey for the big game
Homeland Security Details Super Bowl Safety Plan
Super Bowl 2014 goers will be screened by TSA at rail station
NFL adopts TSA-style full body pat-downs for fans at stadiums

H/T to Popeye, Joe Joseph and Kenneth Webb of Truth Frequency Radio!

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