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Cop Gives Ticket: “It’s Against the Law to Offend Someone”


A street preacher named Joshua was proselytizing not ON but near a college campus and dared to offend a sorority girl with… WORDS! OH NO! OFFENSIVE WORDS! MICROAGGRESSIONS! RUN! HIDE!!

You may not agree with what this guy said, but we should all stand up for his right to say it. There’s no law that says we all have to agree with each other like we’re in some hive mind Borg Orwellian nightmare, although that seems to be what the State is pushing us towards. This is where the country is headed… a magical PC fairy land where no one can offend anyone else ever. And a student on this campus actually went and told on the guy to the cops that he said words that offended her… College students are being socially engineered to honestly believe if someone offends them, it is against the law.

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