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A Letter to the New World Order: Dear Bill Gates


Pilot of a fun new series “Letters to the New World Order”. Letter #1 goes out to everyone’s favorite eugenicist billionaire, Mr. Bill Gates.

Whew. One down, only 8,742 left to go.

Once upon a time I fell asleep, and when I woke up, a billionaire bought a bunch of scientists from all over the world the way some people might collect antique cars. Then, while the mainstream media was busy making jokes about him paying $100,000 to have someone design a modern condom like it was just the cutest thing ever, he was also paying some guy in Arizona to test contraceptive vaccines in the form of an oral bait that sterilizes rats (check out a project called ‘Rodent Biocontrol and Crop Protection’ on the Gates Foundation Grand Challenges in Global Health website).

Also, if something can sterilize a rat (mammal) then it can sterilize a human (also a mammal). Is that why scientists do research on rats in the first place? Pretty crazy, amirite? So is an operating system designed to suck and continually require owners to buy upgrades. I think they call that ‘planned obsolescence’. But gosh, it sure does pay the contraceptive vaccine research bills.


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