Home Economics Bernie: “‘I’m With Her’ Slogan Is So Phony!…I’m Not Saying That”

Bernie: “‘I’m With Her’ Slogan Is So Phony!…I’m Not Saying That”


In a new book about the failed Clinton campaign entitled “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen reveal a story that confirms what most of us already knew about that whole Bernie endorsement of Hillary, namely that it was a complete and utter farce. 

As the story goes, members of the Clinton campaign reached out to Sanders aides in late September 2016 to share a script of an ad they wanted the Vermont senator to record on Hillary’s behalf.  Unfortunately, Bernie wasn’t feeling Hillary’s “I’m With Her” slogan and refused to recite it for the ad, saying:

“It’s so phony!” Sanders said. “I don’t want to say that.”


As The Hill notes, The Clinton campaign eventually decided not to use the ad on television, after learning that voters found it completely obvious that Bernie didn’t actually support Hillary’s nomination.

“People felt that it was him delivering his message, not Hillary’s,” said one Clinton aide familiar with focus group responses.


“People didn’t feel that it was an authentic pitch for her and what she wanted to do. It even had some backlash in folks saying that he’s not really supporting her.”

Perhaps being sabotaged by his own party so that Hillary could claim her birthright left a mark after all.

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