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Now They’re Saying the Dodo Bird Went Extinct Because Climate Change


Wow. This propaganda gives me brain freeze. Guess they’re just going to rewrite hundreds of years of known history because… agenda?

How many of you remember learning about the dodo bird in elementary school? Sure, it’s public school, but still. I remember back in what, third grade? The teacher would tell us about how the dodo bird, having never seen humans before the 1500s and 1600s, never fought back and was hunted to extinction by people who settled on their islands. The birds supposedly couldn’t fly and built their nests on the ground, making them pretty easy targets.

It’s a story that’s been told for hundreds of years and is the main reason the name “Dodo” has become synonymous with dumb.

Well, apparently… not anymore.

The sad part is, most people skim the news these days. When this headline pops up in their Google News feed as one of today’s top stories, they will see it and probably not even actually take the time to read the story. The headline will just lodge itself in their grey brain matter somewhere and become valid.

Then again, who knows anymore. Everything is so screwed up and the dodo bird has always looked pretty ridiculous anyway. These people are the same ones who can’t decide whether Pluto is a planet or if a brontosaurus really exists and we’re supposed to sit around hanging on their every word about things that happened a really long time ago. As Morpheus said, “What is real? How do you define real?”

(Hopefully not by Google News headlines.)

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