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Mainstream Media Blackout: Maine Passes GMO Labeling Law


Maine became the second state in the U.S. to pass a GMO labeling law this week, but you probably didn’t hear a peep about it out of the mainstream media.

The silence from our so-called mainstream media over another state’s passage of a GMO labeling law speaks volumes about where their (genetically modified) bread is buttered.

Even more hush-hush are the backroom deals between the Big Agra, the grocery lobby, and mega food corporations trying to hammer out a completely worthless *voluntary* federal labeling law in the meantime — all while intimidating states like Vermont from passing a real GMO labeling law with threats of lawsuits because the right to know what’s in your food is apparently *’unconstitutional’…

Of course, it’ll take three more states for Maine’s GMO law to actually take effect. Why? Our states are afraid of being sued by Monsanto. Because apparently Monsanto and mega food companies are now running the show and making all the rules, excuse me, laws, and those laws (or lack thereof) say you don’t get to know what’s in your food.

*According to Monsanto’s legal team.

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