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Are ‘Slow-Drip’ Snowden Leaks Just Conditioning Us to Accept Big Brother?


You know how the media likes to keep “shocking” us all with shocking new Snowden revelations every other week? Independent journalist Jon Rappoport put forth a really good theory on the mainstream media’s continued slow-drip method of releasing Snowden leaks on NSA spying. Because come on — they’re dragging this out longer than the credits for a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Can it really all be chalked up to sensationalism and journalistic strategy?

Afraid not. Rappaport says it’s a bit more purposeful than that: “It’s all about keeping the NSA story alive, in order that people know they’re being spied on 24/7. That’s the social engineering aspect. That’s the game.”

Check out Rappaport’s full article here: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/the-story-the-washington-post-wont-print/

What do you guys think?

Oh, and here’s our SHOCKING mainstream media Snowden vid that garnered so much hate here: http://youtu.be/GqvE6aUuQbw

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