Home Economics Trump Warns Democrats “Obamacare Will Die Soon Without ‘Big Money'”

Trump Warns Democrats “Obamacare Will Die Soon Without ‘Big Money'”


Amid tensions over debt ceiling discussions and government shutdown concerns, Republicans continue to face the fact that passing an Obamacare ‘alternative’ remains highly unlikely.

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But it appears the GOP has a cunning plan to cross that chasm. President Trump said early Sunday that ObamaCare will die “far sooner than anyone” thought if it doesn’t receive federal funds to keep it going.

As The Hill reports, the president’s message comes just days before the Democrats and Republicans must agree on a federal budget or face a government shutdown. Both parties are pushing for funding of their own priorities. The White House is pushing for funds to build a wall along the Mexican border and enhance border security, while Democrats hope to make more inroads in healthcare coverage.

White House officials have been publicly talking about the negotiations Sunday morning. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that a government shutdown is not a “desired end.” He dodged questions about what would be acceptable to the administration in negotiations.

“The negotiations are ongoing and there’s no reason we can’t have an agreement there as early as today,” Mulvaney said in an interview on Fox News Sunday.


Republicans and Democrats have until Friday to agree on a funding package to keep the federal government open until Sept. 30, when the 2017 federal fiscal year ends. Legislation will require support from Democrats to clear the Senate.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said the president will be “insistent” on border wall funding. Congress must pass a spending bill by Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

Judging by the Philly Fed’s Partisan Conflict Index, it will be an uphill battle…

The GOP wants to push for a second healthcare bill before the 100th day of the new administration (Saturday, April 29), something that Barclays sees as unlikely to succeed as spending agreement talks take central stage. Congress needs to send a spending bill to the president’s desk before Friday midnight in order to avoid a government shutdown. Political gridlock continues to be a risk for the those trades that performed well after November’s elections, as political capital is spent before getting into the discussion of the tax reform.

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