Home Economics Presenting One Of The Best Trades Since 2008: Long ‘Inactivity’

Presenting One Of The Best Trades Since 2008: Long ‘Inactivity’


Authored by Loic Schmid via Long-Short.ch,

So basically if you had bought Domino’s Pizza (US Pizza and junk food delivery) and Netflix (online video/film/TV series streaming) shares during the financial crisis, you would be very wealthy today !

Domino’s Pizza stock is up over 6000% since the end of 2008 and Netflix is up 5000%. Chart here above !


  • People still and will continue to eat pizzas, bbq chicken wings and burgers in front of nerve-racking TV Series
  • Short organic food companies ? Only a few of us eat carrots and quinoa salads   
  • Mea culpa for missing this trade – these stocks seem to be a bit expensive now … (like most US stocks by the way)  – I might buy a few puts soon… Domino’s Price / Ebitda is 18.35x …
  • These two annoying charts make you think about investing … KEEP IT SIMPLE

Safe investing,

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