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How About Some Carbon Monoxide on Your Meat?



(Truthstream Media) On top of all the other troubling ingredients found in foods and/or used in its production and cultivation, there is apparently also carbon monoxide to be concerned about. Apparently the FDA — our loving watchdogs — have ok’d its use as a color preservative in meats, as it apparently helps keep us appearances for as much as 20 days. The carbon monoxide (known for its deadly tail pipe exhaust and as a carcinogen in cigarette smoke) is used to give fish and meat a fresh “red” look to appeal to buyers. However, some have warned this can also give spoiled or less-than-fresh foods the same glossy red-appearance — that is, until consumers come home to a rotten surprise.

Consumer groups and a natural flavor, color and extract company named Kalsec have challenged the use of carbon monoxide, arguing that while it can keep meat appealing for nearly three weeks while unwrapped meat is remains attractive for only a few, it poses a problem, claiming that consumers might be ‘fooled into buying spoiled or old meat.’

“The gas not only keeps meat red while on the shelf but after it’s spoiled.”

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