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Colin: The Los Angeles Lakers just make sense for LeBron James


– Michael Jordan was great with the Bulls, didn’t do squat with Washington. If LeBron can win with Miami, win with Cleveland, and win with Los Angeles, that is something Michael Jordan could never duplicate.

So this is the story. He’s out, foregone conclusion, nothing to prove, he’s past the MJ comparison. It’s now about business. That’s why we’ve been saying on this show for a couple of months, LeBronzo, The Lakers make sense. They have a big enough brand. The Clippers don’t.

They have an emerging young star that LeBron, who’s a fan of Mike Krzyzewski, Brandon Ingram, most believe he’s going to get into the 18 to 19 point a game range. Then LeBron would come the following year as he grows into an even better player. Lonzo Ball’s favorite player mentioned it several times, LeBron. Those camps have reached out and discussed each other and LeBron’s seen Lonzo play.

The Lakers also have Luke Walton, the young former player that LeBron likes. They’ve got a variety of B minus, C plus guys. And they’re going to have cap space. Paul George has already said he wants to play in Los Angeles.

So again, we see Federer being great in his late 30s. We see, Kobe scored 60 his last game. Brady Mayweather is fighting now at 40, 41. Lebron’s what? 34 years old? Might, that’s why I don’t, this is really interesting to me. We were talking about this yesterday on Speak For Yourself.

Like, I don’t think LeBron is the talking point in the league this year. I think Kyrie to the Celtics will get discussed. Westbrook and Paul George will get discussed. The Warriors will get discussed. And I think Cleveland looks like an old beaten up team.

And LeBron has been the talking point in this league for 12 years. I just don’t think this year in Cleveland is very interesting because they have no chance to beat Golden State. Even if they do beat Boston, they’ll be overwhelmed. They have no salary cap room. Derrick Rose, they may bring in D-Wade. You know, it’s old, it’s lumbering, they don’t match up with Golden State. Even if Steph Curry got hurt, I’m not sure they could beat Golden State in their youth and their shooting.

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