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Kevin Durant’s new Nike shoe is inspired by cupcakes


– –the new shoe coming out with Nike. I believe it comes out on the 1st, and it is called the Red Velvet shoe, which is interesting because let’s put up the– yeah. So remember the cupcake t-shirts–

– Yeah.

– –that everyone was wearing in OKC when Kevin Durant went to the Warriors? And then he actually wore a cupcake hat after they won. So he was kind of making fun of this whole cupcake theme. So now his Red Velvet shoe is a take on the cupcakes, and a lot of the pictures have a bunch of red velvet cupcakes around them. I think these are really cool, even if they had nothing to do with the cupcakes at all or red velvet.

– Yeah, I like the shoe.

– I think– there you go. I think they’re really cool shoes.

– Yeah, I like them, too.

– I like them a lot. And I like Nike a lot. So good for Kevin Durant again making fun of himself and being lighthearted.

– Agree, Kristine, with the news.

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