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Following LiAngelo, LaMelo and LaVar Ball as they travel to Lithuania


LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball have made their way to Lithuania to begin their pro basketball careers. The brothers, along with father LaVar, arrived in the eastern European country on Wednesday to large throng of Lithuanian media. LiAngelo and LaMelo are expected to make their debuts for Prienu Vytautas on Tuesday, and likely will stay with the team through the end of the season in May or June, according to LaVar.

ESPN is in Lithuania following the Ball family as they acquaint themselves with the country and get on the basketball court. Here are the latest updates:

Friday, Jan. 5

LiAngelo and LaMelo get their jerseys … and LaVar gets the No. 99 jersey.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball starting their first practice with their new team in Lithuania — Prienai Vytautas.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


LiAngelo Ball with a layup here early in his first practice with his new team in Lithuania. LaMelo has struggled early with his shot.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


And here we go … my first Lithuanian news conference. Here at the Harmony Park resort and spa. The Ball family and the brass for Prienai Vytautas.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider

This is Evelina Pavliukovic — who just stole the show in this news conference when she asked out LiAngelo. She works for KK2 from LNK TV.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider

Thursday, Jan. 4

Prienai’s finest (there isn’t much competition) eating establishment. Tango Pizza. Had lunch there earlier today — and they are welcoming LaVar, LiAngelo and LaMelo.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


LaMelo and LiAngelo came down and got a look at their new arena, and got some shots up. “It’s real nice,” LiAngelo told ESPN. “I like it. A lot.”

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


Edvinas Seskus, Preinu Vytautas’ shooting guard who also happens to be the son of the coach, getting up some shots — and making a bunch — after practice.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


Wednesday, Jan. 3



Jeff Goodman talks with LaVar Ball about his expectations for his sons LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball playing professional basketball in Lithuania.



Jeff Goodman talks to LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball about their expectations and reactions to playing professional basketball in Lithuania.

Melo and Gelo arriving at their new home for the however long they wind up staying … Vytautas Mineral Spa in Birstonas. About an hour outside of Vilnius in the absolute boonies.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider


The scene now outside the baggage claim door awaiting the Ball family. Surreal.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider

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