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Cleanliness is Close to Godliness for Carbon Nanotubes


Two of the main showstoppers to carbon nanotubes (CNTs) making a major impact in electronics has been putting them where you want them to go and separating the semiconducting variety from the metallic ones

It’s not clear that the solutions to these issues have opened the door to CNTs being the go-to solution in a post-silicon electronics world. But at least there are some solutions being proposed if not developed. That has not been the case for another problem with carbon nanotubes: the difficulty in getting uniform electrical resistance measurements.

Now research teams at Rice University and Swansea University in the UK, both under the supervision of Andrew Barron who teaches at both universites, have shown that cleanliness is the key to getting more accurate resistance measurements for CNTs. In the process, the researchers may have discovered just how far future electronics can go into the nanoscale when using carbon nanotubes.