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THE BEST OF #MugClub Intros! | Louder With Crowder


Louder with Crowder and #MugClub present the ‘Best of’ intros from 2017. Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

0:00 – Wonder Years (Parody)
0:40 – We’ve only just begun – Carpenters (Parody)
3:46 – The Cosby Show Intro (Parody)
4:43 – Office Space (Parody)
6:50 – Cheers Intro (Parody)
7:52 – Jaws (Parody)
12:19 – Family Matters Intro (Parody)
13:11 – That LwC Show (That ’70s Show Parody)
13:46 – Ghost (Parody)
15:49 – Stranger Things Intro (Parody)
16:52 – Mr. Crowder’s Neighborhood (Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Parody)

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