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DeMarcus Cousins of New Orleans Pelicans has Achilles injury


New Orleans Pelicans fear that All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins suffered a tear of his left Achilles in Friday’s 115-113 win over the Houston Rockets, league sources tell ESPN.

Cousins will undergo an MRI on Friday night to determine its severity, but an initial diagnosis in the minutes after he crumpled to the court in the final minutes of a victory over Houston suggested that Cousins had sustained a significant injury.

“It doesn’t look good,” one source told ESPN.

Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry addressed the injury after the game.

“He’ll get an MRI. We’ll know the severity of it tomorrow,” Gentry said. “We just know that it’s his Achilles. We won’t know the damage and what’s going on until he gets the MRI tomorrow.”

Gentry knows losing Cousins would be a significant blow.

“Obviously, he’s extremely important to us. Yeah, we’re scared about it,” Gentry said. “I feel horrible for him. Everything that he’s done, and what he’s tried to do for us this year and what he’s made himself and the improvements in all areas that he’s made on and off the court, has just been great.

“I don’t want that to happen to a guy that’s trying to better himself. Like I said, I hope it’s not anything that’s that severe, but when it’s an Achilles, you just never know.”

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