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Coke Rebrands As Part Of A “Healthy Lifestyle” | The Rubin Report


Dave Rubin, Andy Kindler and Gina Grad discuss Coca-Cola’s effort to rebrand itself as part of a “healthy lifestyle.” Watch Coke’s new advertisement in the video.

Coca-Cola seems to be rebranding itself as part of a “healthy lifestyle,” with commercials running in the UK and print ads here in the U.S. The timing of the healthy ad campaign is very interesting, as a widely published study recently came out concluding that an additional 150 calories from sugar per person per day (equivalent of one 12oz soda) increased the prevalence of diabetes.

Coke even went as far as to claim that since aspartame (Coke’s artificial sweetener) has never been scientifically proven to be harmful, that it’s perfectly safe to consume – ignoring the thousands of reports of people suffering adverse reactions to aspartame ranging from seizures to temporary blindness.

Do you think Coke’s new branding as a “healthy choice” is wrong and inaccurate?

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