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Getting Ahead with Optical Simulation


In this eSeminar we will demonstrate in detail how CST STUDIO SUITE® can be utilized in the design process of photonic components by presenting two detailed examples.

First, an SOI ring coupler will be used as an example of the design of a photonic integrated circuit (PIC). The approach which will be presented consists of dividing the ring coupler into waveguide blocks and utilizing both 3D electromagnetic simulation and a flexible schematic to (i) speed up the simulation task, (ii) increase the flexibility and (iii) allow the design of PICs prohibitively large for electromagnetic simulation alone. In the second part of this eSeminar, a general approach to obtain dispersion diagrams for photonic crystals with the eigenmode solver will be presented. As an example a 2D tridiagonal photonic crystal will be used.


Dr. Christian Kremers joined CST as an application engineer in 2013 with a special focus on optical applications. In 2011 Dr. Kremers received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering. During his Ph.D. at the Institute for High-Frequency and Communication technology (IHCT) at the University of Wuppertal where he worked on theoretical and numerical aspects of light-matter interaction of nanostructured materials. Afterwards, Dr. Kremers worked as a researcher at the IHCT. His research interests included the physical modeling of charge carrier movements in CMOS technology at THz frequencies.

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