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Saturday, April 21, 2018
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BREAKING: Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda

In newly released undercover video, Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger speak to the paper’s hidden agenda....

James O’Keefe Interview With The Epoch Times

James O'Keefe sits down with The Epoch Times for an interview on the undercover journalism and tactics of Project Veritas. source veritasvisuals

TЯUTH with James O’Keefe: Official Trailer

An exciting hour-long documentary taking you behind-the-scenes into Project Veritas, the premier undercover investigative journalism organization debuts on One America News Network October 10th,...

O’Keefe Frames #FakeNews WaPo’s RETRACTION

After the release of Veritas' American Pravda: CNN videos, Paul Farhi of the Washington Post wrote a hit piece with a factually incorrect claim: "It...